Anthony de Mello used to say that unhappiness has only one cause: “The false beliefs you have in your head, beliefs so widespread, so commonly held, that it never occurs to you to question them.”

Unhappy traders computer System Validation online training can be linked to false beliefs as well. And the only way you can identify them is by analyzing reactions and behaviors. One of the most common beliefs that traders have is thinking they can trade on their old computer. These are day traders who believe that having good day trading computer systems has nothing to do with their trading.

These traders are resisting change or just they are just too comfortable to even think about something new. Unfortunately, technology is constantly evolving. The demand for speed and capacity are at the highest levels. The transfer of data has increased dramatically so having day trading computer systems that can keep up with this demand is vital.

We live in an era where our beliefs are challenged on a daily basis. Media tells us all the time what to believe in. Unfortunately, we are all brain washed on what to have, how to look and how to be in order to be cool and be accepted by society. As a person and as a trader you need to question and challenge those beliefs once in a while. So how do you do that? The best answer should be result oriented. Try them out and see what happens. By measuring the results you should be able to determine if this is something you need or not.

For example, I am telling you that it is important to have good day trading computer systems. By good I mean reliable, so they can keep up with data. Fast, so you don’t have to wait for screens to load, convenient, so you don’t have to sell your house in order to buy a new computer. All these things that I am telling you can be tested. If you have an old machine and are reluctant to change because you believe it is not necessary, then don’t do it and put your theory to the test. Keep the old machine and see what happens when you trading, browsing the internet, chatting, downloading charts…All these tasks at same time.

I hear colleagues all the time complaining about their screens freezing up or having to wait forever for something to download. As traders, this is unacceptable. How about placing an order and getting filled a minute later. How would you feel about that? All of these are facts that can be observed and tested. You will soon realize the truth and if you are open enough to change your beliefs, then you will be able to find a world of possibilities.


Why Do You Need a Day Trading Computer System