The kennels themselves should be clean, and the dogs should be contained in well-kept pens with plenty of space. Overall, Australian Shepherds are a wonderful breed for families who are looking for an active, intelligent, and loyal pet.

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Like all breeds, Australian shepherds are subject to some genetic diseases. Determine how the breeder has ensured these puppies will be free of those diseases, and whether he guarantees them. Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs with a balanced and muscular build. They have a double coat with a medium texture that can be straight or wavy.

Aussie dog grooming can be done using a good quality slicker brush and a long-toothed undercoat rake. There are different Australian Shepherd grooming styles, but the basics are always the same.

This situation could turn bad quickly so it is best to keep them separate. The approach to introducing your Australian Shepherd to new people, animals, or situations needs to be taken slowly. If your Aussie is showing concern over a situation they will likely stop where they are and just look. The worst thing to do in this situation is trying to force them to get closer when they are not ready. It is important to make positive associations with new experiences. Reward them for engaging with the new experience, person, or animal. Obviously, if another dog in the situation is showing dominant or aggressive behavior towards an Australian Shepherd they will react in accordance to that.

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Exercise is an essential part of any dog’s wellbeing, but even more so with a herding breed. Fitter dogs are better about to fight off infection and have stronger muscles, including that all important heart. It’s great to have lots of vitamins and minerals in your chosen kibble, but make sure that your dog isn’t consuming too much magnesium.

An Australian Shepherd (also known as an Aussie) is a medium-sized herding dog breed. They are intelligent, active, and athletic pups that thrive on getting mental and physical stimulation.

Holding longer training sessions can cause your dog to have difficulty staying focused, and you’ll both end up frustrated. So, while training your Aussie, if they accomplish something successful, reward them. If your dog stops jumping on you when you come home, for example, give them a treat and plenty of love. This means during this time, your Aussie must be introduced to as many places, people, animals, and environments as possible.

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You can also use treats to encourage the behaviors you want to see more of. They will attempt to herd everything in your household (children, other pets, etc.), and some are known to chase cars with this intention. This is quite dangerous, so it’s important to curb this behavior as best as you can. Overall, the sooner you and your vet catch a health condition, the better chance you have to nip it in the bud. It’s important to mention that pet insurance is also a good investment to make as it can help manage the expenses your australian shepherd puppy produces.

I notice my dogs are more manageable in several different situations when I entertain them with enjoyable physical and mental activities. I am a huge believer in physical activity making our dogs more intelligent and more disciplined. If your dogs are well trained, this shouldn’t make them more aggressive.

Plus, nothing beats that rewarding feeling you get when you teach your australian shepherd a new trick. Read this article that talks about australian shepherds and the benefits of swimming. Behind playing fetch at the park, taking my dog for a swim is a close second in fun things to do. Regardless of their origin story, Aussies were used extensively on ranches and renowned for their herding abilities. They are driven, hard-working dogs prone to herding anything that they can, including children and smaller animals.

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