Strategic tax management involves financial analysis and decision-making, and it ensures compliance with the tax laws. In the modern world, financial analysis is an integral part of every company’s tax strategy. However, tax management goes beyond that. It also involves proactive control of the tax position. Here are four ways to maximize your tax savings. Read on to learn how. ANNA, Gusto, and Refundo can help your business. What are your options for tax management?

Fintech companies offering tax management services

There are several ways that a Fintech company can improve your tax management. They can provide mobile apps that help manage expenses and invoicing. They can also remind you of tax deadlines and estimate your tax as revenue is generated. Lastly, many Fintechs offer expert tax advice and guidance for companies that require it. To make sure that you’re getting the best possible service from a Fintech, follow the tips below.

Using a fintech company for Tax management can be beneficial to both you and your company. These services provide transparency, ease of use, security, and privacy. In addition, these services allow users to calculate their liability, schedule payments, and request refunds.

Because tax reports often need adjustments, many users prefer fintech solutions over traditional tax reporting services. Avalara helps organizations streamline their tax reporting process with a cloud-based compliance solution.


If you own a small business, ANNA for tax management can help you make sure you aren’t missing any tax deadlines. In addition to offering a business bank account and mobile tax app,

ANNA also has a team of accountants who are ready to help your company with tax compliance. You can even track expenses and invoice clients with this service. You can also get an estimate of your tax liability based on revenue generated.

ANNA for tax management is led by principal Anna Askew, a CPA with over seventeen years of public accounting experience. Her experience ranges from serving high-net-worth individuals to advising Fortune 500 companies on tax compliance. She also manages tax compliance for large real estate tax partnerships and non-profit organizations. She has an extensive knowledge of estate planning and charitable planning, and can help you understand how these strategies impact your financial future.


The help center of Gusto is a great resource for all your questions. The Help Center is available at the top of the site with dedicated links to video tutorials and other helpful content. It also has a labeled field at the top of every page where you can find people to contact or shortcuts for your specific issues. Lastly, if you’re stuck, you can call or email Gusto to get assistance with your account.

Once you’ve installed Gusto, you can begin calculating your payroll taxes. To do this, you need to enter your legal name, your Employer Identification Number, and the type of business you’re running. It will also ask for information such as the federal deposit schedule and the form you use for income tax filing. It will even help you register for state unemployment insurance tax. Once you’ve entered these details, the system will walk you through the rest of the registration process and calculate the taxes due.


When you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your tax management and preparation needs, Refundo is a great option. The platform features a drag-and-drop approach and requires no coding, making it the most user-friendly solution for anyone. In addition, Refundo offers audit assistance services called Audit Pros. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using Refundo for tax management.

Refundo’s CoinRT service uses CoinRT to allow its clients to receive their state and federal tax refunds in Bitcoin. This service works with CoinRT, which leverages Bitpay’s Payouts. Refundo will issue a unique account number and routing number for each client and then transfer the IRS refunds to the designated cryptocurrency wallet. Refundo is one of the leading providers of taxrelated financial products and services.

Tax Management – Four Ways to Maximize Your Tax Savings