I’m not sure about you, but I struggled for many years to find a method to carve out time for self-actualization. That seemed like That my efforts to fulfill my higher wants and ambitions were completely sapped of all energy by survival concerns. This syndrome has my name.

There were additionally Ark 2 dinosaur survival game other signs. My relationships worsened as a result of my exhaustion and worry. I hardly ever had time to read or study, much less think or relax. It might have been a little more challenging because my wife couldn’t work as much because I had six children. In addition, before beginning a family, I never attended college. How could I accomplish self-actualization with all of this working against me?

My experience is a stark illustration of what Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist and researcher, discovered when he spoke with self-actualized individuals. He created the hypothesis that there is a hierarchy of demands in human beings. It is harder or even impossible for them to progress to more mature or self-actualized states when a need isn’t supplied on a lower level.

Whether or not the “Ark 2 dinosaur survival game” of needs hypothesis is accurate, it seems to be a universal truth that some wants are more fundamental than others and that, when they are not effectively addressed, they inhibit personal development. Self-actualization requires a more or less solid base.

A healthy body, security, and fulfilling relationships are the three essential necessities. We are destined to live on a treadmill as long as we can’t fully address these demands. We are entrapped in a system where satisfying our basic necessities consumes all of our available energy, leaving nothing for self-actualization.

To circumvent this system, think about acquiring your essential needs using a strategy we refer to as Optimal Living. Simply said, Optimal Living principles enable you to accomplish more with less effort. See the Authors box at the end of the page for excellent resources on each of the topics listed below. Let’s now examine these fundamental physiological requirements.

 Take good care of yourself.

It goes without saying that we need to breathe, drink, eat, sleep, stay warm, and stay healthy. If we didn’t have these things in place, it would be difficult to focus on anything else. These demands may be satisfied in a modest (inadequate) or extravagant (excessive) manner.

 The best approach is another option.

Try joining a natural food co-op where you may get healthy food at a steep discount and make others who share your interests. You can address your relational requirements in this way. If you do it correctly, your body will enable you to reach the pinnacle of human potential and provide you with many years of pleasure rather than suffering.

 A covering for your head

Shelter is another physiological necessity. There are several options for addressing your housing needs, some of which are exorbitantly expensive. Try co-housing if you want to accomplish this with the least amount of life energy squandered. Here, a group of people are banding together to find inventive solutions to reduce housing prices. You get to keep your freedom while residing comfortably and cheaply.

When you can share one lawn tractor, why do you need one in each garage? There are countless options. There are organizations in place to help you locate the best answer. You may try searching “co-housing” or “alternative lifestyle” online.

 Ensure the stability of your finances.

The next level of needs to be satisfied is security and safety. You can focus on this after your body is healthy and you have a suitable place to stay. How can we best generate income and financial security?

The most fundamental requirement for meeting any other human requirements is a reliable source of money. Let’s face it: in our culture and all across the world, money or income is the primary means of exchange. We will continue to be stuck in many ways if we can’t address this requirement. The only other option is to leave society by settling in a commune or monastery. I don’t advise either option. I believe that losing my own freedom would make it harder for me to achieve the greater needs that are now in existence.

We cannot abandon the moral compass in the pursuit of financial security. This leads to internal conflict. The baby cannot be thrown out with the bathwater, either. It is a rare jewel to find a career that pays well and supports our ideals.


How to Win the Survival Game and Become Your True Self