Email communications have long since revolutionized how companies communicate and work. However, the large volume of data stored and the work produced by email archiving and maintenance is still a significant drain on many companies’ resources. In fact, the average worker can spend up to 90 minutes a day managing their inboxes, email archiving, and data management, in addition to in-house IT departments and necessary storage hardware and infrastructure. Therein lays significant amounts of lost productivity and extra expenses.

Cloud computing offers a new paradigm in IT Encrypted Email managed services. Instead of the typical IT infrastructure that every company must install in-house, cloud computing offers entire IT systems through remote access. End users connect to a cloud computing firm’s infrastructure and use those resources on a subscription or per-use basis. This set-up consolidates all IT functions into a single, specialized source that offers services as they are needed.

Cloud computing’s unique capabilities allow for email archiving and data optimization. This leads to better accessibility and storage optimization to improve worker productivity. The turn-key nature of cloud computing radically changes the cost structure of IT resources and lowers overall costs. Like a utility provider, cloud computing firms handle system maintenance, upgrading, and security, freeing clients from the responsibility and associated costs.

Data Optimization for Accessibility, Reliability, and Security

One of the leading causes of lost productivity due to data management and email archiving is the fact that information is typically spread between many sources. Users keep local copies and backups on their hard drives, removable storage holds older data, and the network maintains another source of data. When a user needs to find information, these different sources require a long search process to investigate. Most of these media are also not the most cost efficient storage structures. For example, flash drive memory is more expensive than hard drive arrays. Finally, with large amounts of data spread, duplication is common, prolonging recovery and back-up.

Utilizing cloud computing and IT managed services will eliminate many of the hurdles that hinder data accessibility. Data is consolidated into a single storage architecture with a single access point, making the search for data much quicker and easier. Each data source is integrated onto a server, while duplicates are eliminated and all data is compressed. This scheme reduces the volume of saved material while utilizing high efficiency storage devices to create efficient data storage infrastructure for email archiving. Having a highly organized data system facilitates the ease of use for necessary data as well as easy back-ups and recovery to ensure data security and reliability.


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