Umbrellas are used in everyday life a lot. Most people pay more attention to umbrellas. But there are still many people who do not know that each type of umbrella has a very different function. Umbrellas are manufactured and designed in different ways depending on the purpose of use. mostly Nowadays, people have to face the rapidly changing environment, sun, wind and rain, even

though we have a meteorological department that keeps the weather forecast for each day in advance. But sometimes the environment is not always as predictable. In the early morning, the sky was clear and the rain started to fall again. causing us to be in a hurry until the umbrella was barely spread out Sometimes the sun shines in the early morning. You probably think that today it will

definitely not rain. Therefore, he did not carry an umbrella anywhere. The evening came, and the rain poured down like he had been harassed by the sky. By the time he got home, his entire body was all wet. If you look carefully at the day when we carry an umbrella outside

One-part umbrella

is an umbrella that has a steel frame, a wooden frame, and a fiber frame. The single-section umbrella that many people choose to use is usually a single-section umbrella with a steel frame. because the price is cheap It is very strong, lightweight, easy to use, and has the right size for the user.

And can also be purchased easily as well? This type of umbrella is very resistant to both the sun and the rain. It is durable and has a very high service life.

Clear umbrella

A clear umbrella is a beautiful umbrella. Umbrella is another type of umbrella that is popular. In addition to the advantages in terms of beauty and romance, this type of umbrella also has one disadvantage that other umbrellas don’t. This type of umbrella cannot protect itself from the sun. Because this type of umbrella has the appearance of a transparent umbrella cloth. You can see the

surroundings 360 degrees that has it all. When the sunlight shines down, it penetrates through us. That’s the reason why this type of umbrella can’t protect against the sun.

Umbrella Inverted

There may be some people who are still wondering what an inverted umbrella looks like. Why is it called an inverted umbrella? Inverted umbrellas are very similar to regular umbrellas. But when the umbrella is folded upside down will look at the general umbrella garden way back General umbrellas, when folded, will automatically close. But the reverse umbrella will be the folding down

of the umbrella cloth inside to cover the outside of the umbrella again. For ease of use in narrow spaces such as cars, under buildings, in niches of buildings, inverted umbrellas are most popular in use with cars. because in addition to being able to spread umbrellas in limited spaces such as the

door It can also prevent rainwater from spilling on the car seat. Or belongings inside the car as well asของชำร่วยงานแต่ง

folding umbrellas

Folding umbrellas are another type of umbrella that is as popular as a single umbrella. the features of folding umbrellas are small Features that are easy to carry Easy to fold and store, not cluttered, and strong. Because the umbrella frame is made of steel, lightweight, can be used for all ages,especially women who use this type of umbrella very much. There are many types of folding umbrellas to choose from, including 2-fold umbrellas, 3-fold umbrellas, 5-fold umbrellas, etc.

All of these are different umbrellas that are used in each category. Each type of umbrella is used in different situations. Therefore, in choosing to use the umbrella in the future, we know how to use it correctly. In addition, umbrellas can be used as products that help promote marketing as well.

Different types of umbrellas