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There are many good reasons to bring your US car back to the UK firstly, if you have owned the vehicle for more than six months and lived in the US for more than one year, you will not have any tax/duty to pay on arrival in the UK.

American cars in the UK have미국배송대행 a large following and the right car can sell for very good money, for example a Shelby GT500, even a couple of years old, still can sell for £30k – HM customs require that you keep the car for at least a year in the UK before you sell it if you didn’t pay any tax / duty.

The Left Hand Drive market in the UK is also strong, with buyers coming in from Europe to take advantage of the weak pound and purchase a LHD vehicle to take back. Once a car is tested and registered in the UK, it is very easy for them to then re-register on the continent.

The US market over here is large enough that specialists are all over the country and parts are easy to come by

So there are the financial reasons, but there is also one huge factor….. fun! Nothing over here comes anywhere close to the exclusivity of an American car – our Mustangs get more attention and ‘street-cred’ than any Ferrari / Lamborghini – the amount of Ferrari owners we have upset at shows by drawing a larger crowd is huge J

So, how do you go about doing this…..

Well, I’ll be honest, it’s not easy if you are doing it yourself – here is a list of things to bear in mind:

US Transport – Make sure you use a trusted carrier who is insured to take your car to the port and deal with all the paperwork – your original title must be sent to your shipping agent

Shipping – In today’s market there is not such a price difference between ‘roll-on-roll-off’ (like a car ferry) or containerised – however I would always recommend containerised – your vehicle is safely strapped and chocked into a container which nobody has access to. Want all your personal effects stolen and your car driven to the ship enthusiastically? Then use Roll-on-Roll-off and save yourself a few dollars, I would not recommend it though…….

Marine Insurance – Make sure you insure the car not just for bumps and scrapes but also for total vehicle loss should the worst happen….

UK Unloading and Agency Fees – However you choose to ship, your car has to be unloaded from the ship, this is not something you can do yourself and so you need a UK clearance agent, they will also submit your documentation to customs for you


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