It didn’t take long for many of the Shop TODAY team to become fans of Kitsch’s other hair products and accessories. As a woman who’s had fine, thin hair my entire life, I fell in love with this rice protein bar for its affordability, sensitive skin-friendly ingredients, and how well it cleanses my scalp and volumizes my hair. But an equally big draw for me was Thurswell’s commitment to sustainability with its plastic-free packaging. Founder Dr. Roshini Raj has been a practicing gastroenterologist who’s been studying the intersection between probiotics, beauty and wellness for the past 20 years. Tula really started when she noticed what a huge, positive impact probiotics had on her clients’ skin. I am over the moon in love with every single piece that Susannah created for me — even the concepts I did not choose were hard to pass up! Let’s translate what’s in your head and your heart into a bright + brilliant brand identity.

Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, co-founders of Eberjey, said they began the company in 1996 and aimed to design pajamas and lingerie that were both “sensual and comfortable” in our guide to Latino-owned businesses. Today, the founders told us Eberjey’s team is 95% women, many of whom are mothers, including themselves. Because of this, they were conscious about providing employees the flexibility and resources they needed to balance work and motherhood during the pandemic as many adjusted to kids taking classes online and a lack of child care. Eberjey now offers optional remote work that’s permanently available at the company. The best way to show you support women-owned businesses is by becoming a customer.


Mona wanted a salon that made you feel glamorous from the moment you walked in and its decadent interiors are part of that. The 78% drop in participation is not reflective of the initiative’s overall success, according to Metro’s Equal Business Opportunity Program annual report ending June 2023. The decrease is due to dwindling COVID-19 grants and other one-time fund reductions. Patrice Williams is a writer and fact-checker with over 15 years of experience. She covers lifestyle hacks, home décor, and product recommendations. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Temple University.

Participating in conferences and events can be a superb way to spark conversations, build relationships, and learn more about the industry. These strategies will help you foster long-term loyalty and increase your chances of success in the local market. Additionally, social media can play a role in reputation management by helping you actively monitor customer feedback and address any concerns quickly and effectively.

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A new approach to vaginal care, this company uses humor and wit to sell its products. For years, retailers would not compete against behemoths like Hershey and Mars because customers remained loyal to the brands they had grown up eating. But as the price of candy bars rose in recent years, some customers stopped buying. This month, payments on federal student loans, which had been on pause for the pandemic, also resumed. Adding to the financial burden, rates on credit cards and mortgages are rising.

Search engine marketing effectively drives targeted traffic and increases conversions by optimizing your website for specific keywords. SEO and SEM are two strategies you can use to target customers searching on the web.

A business can connect with key partners interested in investing or working together on a project by attending trade shows. These types of conventions provide the perfect opportunity to gain insight into the latest trends in your field. Not only this, but networking also allows women entrepreneurs to unlock resources they may need to be made aware of, maximizing their chances of meeting objectives and achieving long-term goals. Align local SEO tactics with reputation management to help you improve online visibility and build trust with your local community.

To this day, that mission and her goal of producing high-quality goods are still driving the brand. Leahy says that it’s important for their leadership to reflect “the community we’re trying to serve” — one that’s predominantly women. March is a month packed with various celebrations, both popular and little-known, reverential and trivial. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, Holi, Pi Day, the Oscars — the list is long. One that tops the list for many around the globe — and one that’s soon drawing to a close, is Women’s History Month. Understanding the true history of our country will help us to comprehend the need for full equality under the law for all our people.

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In Dagne Dover’s case, Mash says her team makes this practice a part of the company’s initiatives. There are double standards and double binds that we have to contend with and be cognizant of but must not get caught up in. The more we plow forward and refuse to get derailed by these challenges, the quicker they will dissipate and we can build a new paradigm. Plus, their seasonal flowers are sourced from farm partners in the U.S., as well as Ecuador and Colombia. What’s more, the company is fighting plastic waste by using upcycled burlap (aesthetic as it is eco-friendly) to wrap their bouquets in. The best part is that the chocolate chip ones remind me of a certain other childhood brand taste-wise. In the third quarter of 2020, women in the U.S. earned 30 percent less than men — and that gap increased with age.

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